Union Women's History Tour

                  The Union Carnegie Library 

Ollie Osborn
The Union Carnegie Library located in Main Street in Union Oregon is important to Women's History because it hosts a mural of Ollie Osborn,  The National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame lists Ms. Osborn "Ollie was the first women to pursue the sport of rodeo full time, becoming a multiple champion.  Born to Oregon homestead ranchers, she began competing in the early relay races when she was a teenager.  she discovered bronc riding and made a name for herself by riding "slick" without hobbles, like the men.    Remembered for her daring rides and extravagant tailor=made clothes, she continues to ride until 1932".  The mural was created in 2022 by Rita Tarter-Bangs.  The art piece sits above the entrance to the library and includes a plaque with Ollie Osborn induction date into the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame. 

Oregon Historical Society Interview with Ollie Osborn: https://digitalcollections.ohs.org/sr-9350-oral-history-interview-with-ollie-osborn

                        The Historic Union Hotel

Annie Oakley
The Historic Union Hotel hosted Annie Oakley while visiting Union Oregon.  In commemoration the historic building now provides the Annie Oakley Room.

The VFW Hall
Union Women's Club
This clubhouse was a project of the manual training students of Union High School in 1921.  The Union Women Club was officially organized in 1899 and involved in the Oregon Federation of W omens' Clubs.  The Organization supported community projects and responded to library and educational need.  http://www.makeoregonhistory.org/

The Union United Methodist Church

The Union United Methodist Church Bell
The (old) Union United Methodist Church Bell was saved by Mrs. S.E. Miller and her Sunday School class.  The class saved pennies to move the church bell to its present location in the Methodist Church belfry.  The Church Bell was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Davis from the Union Presbyterian Church.  Pg 2 of the Union United Methodist Church History -https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/11ia6h4sySlgVa_sqwvGAVUSYtKmpdDoT?usp=sharing

Union's Road Map Mural

Jessica  Lackaff
Union's Road Map Mural was painted in the 1980's by then 15 year old Jessica Lackaff.  A photo of the mural is listed on Oregon Scenic Images whose purpose is to promote the geographic and cultural diversity of the State's 36 counties.  

Please see The Union County Museum for more information!

Other notable Union Women
Oregon Historic Society: 
Jean Ann Richards