Friends of The Historic Union Community Hall

The pot were donated, the plants were donated. 100%  of your purchase goes to help save our Union United Methodist Church
Your purchase is appreciated!!
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Free delivery in Union 
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Friends of The Historic Union Community Hall
57958 Hwy 237 Union
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(1) Our largest potted petunia.  The glazed pot is tan with darker shading. You are looking at a two wave petunias purchased locally.

(2) SOLD! Potted petunias in a cute metal pot $15.00

(3) Small stripped glazed pot with a singe petunia $10.00

(4)SOLD!  Petunia in tan $10.00 

(5)SOLD! Petunia in pink $10.00 

(6) Petunia and a cute light yellow pot $10.00

(7) Petunia in light house mug $10.00

(8) Two black and white dainty cups each with a petunia $15.00

(9) Red hearts with petunia $9.00

(10) Rustic clay pot and petunia $5.00

(11) SOLD! Deep aqua blue glazed pot with wave petunia $10.00 

(12) SOLD!-Yellow and white checkered pot with petunias $10.00

(13) Light green pot and sweet little petunia
(14) Blue pot with petunia $10.00

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